Our Products

Our mission is to cover, protect and stock our customers’ assets. With products of high quality and long experience of shelter solutions, we know how to protect your products.



Whether you are in need of a temporary or a permanent storage warehouse for your business – our halls is the best solution.

We design and produce every single hall based on your needs. With a wide range of hall sizes, from the small extra storage warehouse to a bigger production facility.

Our halls is supplied by Hallbyggarna Jonsereds.


Our Tarpaulins experience stretches back to 1930s. During this time, we have developed them from something that was used to cover wood, to the present-day flexible tarpaulins made from UV and mould-resistant material.

Today, we make tarpaulins in many different sizes and colours, but they all have some common features – all our tarpaulins are durable, robust and easy to handle, even in cold winter days. You can rent or purchase our tarpaulins as required.

In addition to our tarps, we also provide customized shelters for your business. For instance customized curtains, scaffold shelters and working tents.

These products are supplied by Lainapeite, Hallbyggarna Jonsereds and IPS Dansk Presenning

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